My name is Sasha Iatsenia and I’m a hacker.

I work on high-impact projects for clients who think in mobile, web and physical interactions.


Food startup website

Foodcampus - an uber for food
I built an ordering system for a food delivery startup that I co-founded in 2014. It is based on Python/django, HTML/bootstrap, JS/jquery, and is fully responsive. The setup was able to handle over a hundred of orders an hour on a 512mb container. There was a heavy emphasis on design, a lot of modern patterns were employed: background videos, html5 history, qr code scanners.

Event ticketing system

FIXME - hackerspace in Lausanne
Enables event managers to handle their events simply and without having to use multiple systems for sign-up, name badging, and ticket scanning. Integrates with Eventbrite’s API, allowing seamless signups and attendee management through a familiar interface. On site it works with a laptop, phone or tablet, connecting a Raspberry Pi to a barcode scanner and name badge printer.


Shift your experiences - startup weekend project
An Airbnb for experiences. We’re bridging the gap between those unattainable experiences and motivated people - have you even wanted to see how an Aston Martin is built? Or┬áhang out in Lima’s and Byron’s kitchen

IoT weekend

FIXME/Univercité - innovation happens here
When people talk about "the next big thing", they're never thinking big enough. It’s not for a lack of imagination; it’s for a lack of opportunity - we rarely have the time and resources to work on something awesome. That’s why I organized one of the first and largest Internet of Things hackathons in Europe. We had a hundred people attending, ten projects worked on, and four boxes of frozen croissant that we didn't use.

Food delivery/order managment tool

Foodcampus + whitelabel
Customer crm built from the ground up to handle seamlessly hundreds of orders an hour from multiple locations and with numerous restaurants. The platform allowed grouping of orders by delivery location to cut down on transportation inefficiencies (Foodcampus offered free delivery on all orders).

Real time dashboard

Swiss Fintech company
Django, tornado, and angularjs based real time transactions tracker; with a list, general and a detail view. Plugs into existing django project with swampdragon.


LED Controller

IoT project that works™
Personal project that doesn't quite work yet. Control LED strips and lights from any device over WiFi, using a Raspberry Pi and Adafruit PWM board. Everything is done in realtime with websockets and python, with plans to expand to accessible $1 IoT architectures such as the ESP8266.

Wooden laser cookies

Scripted laser cut QR code tokens
I hacked the very incomprehensible software on our first laser cutter from Alibaba used, to accept input in the form of JSON (well.. almost). This allowed me to generate unique QR codes to a wood format that I standardized for increased repeatability.

Lighthouse foundation

Refugee matchmaking hackathon. project
A platform that connects refugees with locals to facilitate later stage integration. In the course of the weekend, we built a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm that analyzed users' entered information semantically, picked out key interests and made a social graph of potential matches. We first pair two refugees who we calculate could relate to each other and become friends, and then we do the same for the locals. Then, we pair these two pairs of locals and refugees together, the idea being that they are able to meet as a group of four safely without the fear that may have been involved with one-to-one meetings. During the first half of the hackathon there was a strong emphasis on doing things properly and having continuous integration, so now the whole project can be up and running within minutes with just two commands on virtually any machine.

Misc projects


Mailchimp signup utility

AWS Lambda web app microservice demo
The signup form, css, and js logic is hosted on S3, allowing it to load instantly. The python (Flask) function is running only when requested in AWS Lambda. This way you can have a microservice running and infinitely scalable, for only a few cents a month and with zero headaches.

This is a demo, I don't know if it's stable enough to use it in production. I do, but I test it all the time.